Our Vision

Truly Tribal was founded with a strong belief in supporting the traditional artisans and restoring the glory of long-lost Indian art and craft. We strive to save the ‘True India’ from getting lost in the long run by acting as a bridge and filling the gap between today’s consumer needs and the artists. 
We endeavor to provide consumers with tribal handcrafts that help, support, and encourage the vast craftsmanship of the country. To support artisans by giving them alternative means to earn a livelihood, we collaborate with them for novel product/ service ideas and assist them with various interventions at different points in their craft process. We help them rediscover their art. It is our responsibility to not just support the artisans but also help them reinvent these artworks with the ideation and creation of new-age means and mediums. This helps us close the gap between traditional craft products and modern-day consumer needs. 

​We want to make handicrafts and paintings easily available at affordable rates so that they can expand to a larger consumer base as well as provide the traditional artisans with enough work so that they don’t leave this line of work. We also ensure coming up with regular campaigns to provide upliftment to our artists’ families.